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1. To throw in; to dart in; to force in; as, to inject cold water into a condenser; to inject a medicinal liquid into a cavity of the body; to inject morphine with a hypodermic syringe.

2. To throw; to offer; to propose; to instill. Caesar also, then hatching tyranny, injected the same scrupulous demurs. (Milton)

3. To cast or throw; with on. And mound inject on mound. (Pope)

4. (Science: anatomy) to fill (a vessel, cavity, or tissue) with a fluid or other substance; as, to inject the blood vessels.

Origin: L. Injectus, p. P. Of inicere, injicere, to throw in; pref. In- in _ jacere to throw: cf. F. Injecter. See jet a shooting forth.