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1. To compose; to write; to be author of; to dictate; to prompt. My heart is inditing a good matter. (Ps. Xlv. 1) Could a common grief have indited such expressions? (South) Hear how learned Greece her useful rules indites. (Pope)

2. To invite or ask. She will indite him so supper. (Shak)

3. To indict; to accuse; to censure.

Origin: oe. Enditen to indite, indict, OF. Enditer to indicate, show, dictate, write, inform, and endicter to accuse; both fr. LL. Indictare to show, to accuse, fr. L. Indicere to proclaim, announce; pref. In- in _ dicere to say. The word was influenced also by L. Indicare to indicate, and by dictare to dictate. See diction, and cf. Indict, indicate, Dictate.