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Of, belonging to, characteristic of, or relating to the hilum


The word hilar pertains to the word hilum. A hilum in anatomy is the part of an organ where structures such as blood vessels, nerves, and ducts emerge from an organ or a gland. Some of the anatomical terms that include the word hilar are the following: hilar cell tumour of ovary, hilar lymph node, hilar shadow, and hilar dance.

Hilar cell tumor of ovary pertains to a small benign masculinizing ovarian tumor originating from the hilar cells.

Hilar dance is the term to refer to the vigorous pulmonary arterial pulsations caused by an increased blood flow that is often seen through fluoroscopy of patients with congenital left-to-right shunts.

Hilar lymph nodes pertain to the lymph nodes in the hilum (i.e. the triangular depression or indented region at the junction of the lung and its bronchi), and function by collecting lymph from the pulmonary nodes and drain to the tracheobronchial nodes.

Hilar shadow refers to the radiographic hilum of the lung. It is a composite radiographic shadow of the central pulmonary arteries and veins, with associated bronchial walls and lymph nodes, within the right or left lung.

Word origin: Latin hilum (a trifle; a spot on a seed) + -ar

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