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Giant Brown Kelp

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The largest marine brown algae that have a structural form of blade, stipes and holdfast that provides sanctuary to various marine animals.


The holdfast serves as a root that fastens to the substrate of the ocean. Gas making forms at the base of blade that maintains the kelp blades close up to the façade. It is perennial that subsist a million spores in original life which are released from the parent kelp, it will then grow into a miniature male or female plant which eitherproduces egg or sperm and when fertilization transpire the embryos grows intofull-grown plants completing the life cycle. Copious sessile and epiphytic species are normally established on kelp stipes and holdfast. While bigger invertebrates particularly sea urchins are vital secondary consumers.

Giant brown kelp is thefast growing species that can reach at least 2ft a day until 148ft mature grown plant. During juvenile stage it directly grows upon the parent female gametophyte that produces only two blades and starts the undeveloped holdfast that serves to anchor to the substrate.

Giant brown kelp flourish in cooler temperature that remains below 21 °C and when surface waters areinsufficient in nutrients translocation of nitrogen in the form of amino acids occurs at the stipe through thesieve elements as much as 24 inches per hour. Thesetranslocation also travel the nutrients downward where light are little, thus photosynthesis minimally generates.

Giant brown kelp is used commercially as a dietary supplement since it contains a good source ofiodine, potassium and other vitamins and minerals. Recent studies shows that these kind of species is useful as a fertilizers and been used in aquaculture.

Scientific Name: Macrocystis pyrifera

Scientific Classification:

 Kingdom: Chromalveolata 
 Phylum: Heterokontophyta
 Class: Phaeophyceae
 Order: Laminariales
 Family: Laminariaceae
 Genus: Macrocystis
 Species: Macrocystis pyrifera

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