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a strongly alcoholic liquor, flavores with juniper berries; made in Holland; Holland gin; Hollands.

Origin: f. Genievre juniper, juniper berry, gin, OF. Geneivre juniper, fr. L. Juniperus the juniper tree: cf. D. Jenever, fr. F. Genievre. See juniper, and cf. Gin a liquor.

The chief city of Switzerland. Geneva bible, a translation of the bible into english, made and published by english refugees in geneva (geneva, 1560; london, 1576). It was the first english bible printed in roman type instead of the ancient black letter, the first which recognised the division into verses, and the first which ommited the Apocrypha. In form it was a small quarto, and soon superseded the large folio of Cranmer's translation. Called also Genevan bible. Geneva convention, a red greek cross on a white ground; the flag and badge adopted in the geneva convention.