Gene knockout

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A term used to signify a genetic technique in which an organism’s gene made to be broken down for particular purposes to distinguish between normal individuals.


Gene knockout is a process of producing such organisms as knocking out a gene that differs in numbers of knockouts like double knockout, triple knockouts, quadruple knockouts. Knocking out activity of the gene provides information about what the gene normally does.

Gene knockout is a route to learning about a gene that has been sequenced but has an incompletely known function in which mice has been usually used as sample organisms since it is most closely related to humans with regards to query about human physiology.

Gene knockout is accomplished by a combination of techniques wherein DNA construct will be cultured since individual cells is genetically transformed with the construct which in turn engineered to recombine with the target gene accomplished through incorporating sequences from the gene itself into the construct as a results this recombination occurs in the region of that sequence within that gene leading to insertion of foreign sequence to disrupt the gene and eventually translated into a nonfunctional protein.

Acronym: KO

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