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Fungal infection

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Fungal infection

1. (groin) tinea cruris is a fungal infection of the perineum, better known as jock itch. This condition is often treated with clotrimazole or miconazole cream. Good general hygiene is vital in the prevention of tinea cruris. Keep the groin area clean and dry and avoid chafing. Launder athletic supporters frequently. Use an antifungal or drying powder after showering.

2. (nail) a fungal infection that involves the fingernails. Nails generally split, flake and grow too thick.

3. (scalp): a fungal scalp infection also known as tinea capitis. A crusting and scaly lesion of the scalp that can also be associated with localised hair loss. Treatment requires oral (systemic) antifungal medications. An inflammatory condition caused by a fungus.