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1. (Science: geography) a narrow arm of the sea; an estuary; the opening of a river into the sea; as, the frith of forth.

2. A kind of weir for catching fish.

Origin: oe. Firth, Icel. Fjorr; akin to Sw. Fjard, dan. Fiord, E. Ford. See Ford, and cf. Firth, Fiord, fret a frith, port a harbor.

1. A forest; a woody place.

2. A small field taken out of a common, by inclosing it; an inclosure.

Origin: oe. Frith peace, protection, land inclosed for hunting, park, forest, as. Fri peace; akin to freno peace, protection, asylum, g. Friede peace, Icel. Frir, and from the root of E. Free, friend. See free, and cf. Affray, Defray.