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1. Possessed of original life and vigor; new and strong; unimpaired; sound.

2. New; original; additional. Fear of fresh mistakes. A fresh pleasure in every fresh posture of the limbs. (Landor)

3. Lately produced, gathered, or prepared for market; not stale; not dried or preserved; not wilted, faded, or tainted; in good condition; as, fresh vegetables, flowers, eggs, meat, fruit, etc.; recently made or obtained; occurring again; repeated; as, a fresh supply of goods; fresh tea, raisins, etc.; lately come or made public; as, fresh news; recently taken from a well or spring; as, fresh water.

4. Youthful; florid; as, these fresh nymphs.

5. In a raw, green, or untried state; uncultivated; uncultured; unpracticed; as, a fresh hand on a ship.

6. Renewed in vigor, alacrity, or readiness for action; as, fresh for a combat; hence, tending to renew in vigor; rather strong; cool or brisk; as, a fresh wind.

7. Not salt; as, fresh water, in distinction from that which is from the sea, or brackish; fresh meat, in distinction from that which is pickled or salted. Fresh breeze, increased speed.

Synonym: sound, unimpaired, recent, unfaded: ruddy, florid, sweet, good: inexperienced, unpracticed: unused, lively, vigorous, strong.

Origin: oe. Fresch, as. Fersc; akin to D. Versch, g. Frisch, OHG. Frisc, Sw. Frisk, dan. Frisk, fersk, Icel. Frskr frisky, brisk, ferskr fresh; cf. It. Fresco, OF. Fres, freis, fem. Freske, fresche, f. Frais, fem. Frache, which are of german origin. Cf. Fraischeur, Fresco, Frisk.