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Ferret(N)- Mustela Putorious meaning mouse eating stinky theif. The ferret is a small carnivorous mammal that is in the Mustelidae family. View definition on Mustelidae for more information.

Ferret(v)- To look for an object in a sly or quick action. Ex: James had to ferret through his drawer to find his underwear.

Black footed ferret(N)- The Black footed ferret or Mustela Nigripes is the only wild ferret and lives in the American Prarie. Black footed ferrets are the among the most endangered organims on the planet and in the world. Black footed ferrets are in extinct in the wild. To read more on the black footed ferret view the articles section

Domesticated ferret(N)- A cross breed between european and steppe polecats. Due to genenetic variations added to the organism the creature becomes a domesticated ferret. Domesticated ferrets are the third most popular pet in the United States.

Ferreting(v)- A practice in which domesticated ferrets are released into burrows to get rodents like rabbits for hunting purposes.