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Feline sarcoma oncogene

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An enzyme involved in cellular complement offeline sarcoma retrovirus with transforming potential needed for cellular maintenance and acts in the regulation of actincytoskeleton, microtubule assembly, cell attachment and cell spreading.


Feline sarcoma oncogene is mapped on chromosome 15q26.1 that contains 19 exons which generates tyrosine-specific protein kinase activity. It is implicated in normal hematopoiesis as well as augmentation factor and cytokine receptor signaling wherein its chromosomal location has been associated to specific translocation event identified in acute promyelocytic leukemia. It also has a multiple variants isoforms.

Feline sarcoma oncogene is a tyrosine-protein kinase that plays role in the downstream of cell surface and high affinity immunoglobulin epsilon receptor mediated signaling in mast cell growth factor receptor as well as in the directive of mast cell degranulation. It also functions in cell differentiation and encourages neurite development in response to NGF signaling and cell scattering and cell migration in response to HGF-induced activation of EZR.

Feline sarcoma oncogene has been associated to act as proto-oncogene in cancer due to the possibly abnormal activation of the kinase in which it signifies as tumor suppressor in some other types of cancers like incolorectal cancer where expression is reduced or absent as such suppresses anchorage-independent growth in colon cancer cell lines. It is also involved in prostate cancer after radical surgery and in renal carcinoma cells

Gene name: FES

Protein name: Tyrosine-protein kinase Fes/Fps


Feline sarcoma

Fujinami avian sarcoma oncogene homolog

Proto-oncogene c-Fes






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