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Any of the members of the taxonomic subfamily Felinae


Of, pertaining to, relating to, resembling, or derivative from a cat


Feline refers to the members of the subfamily Felinae. Felinae is a taxonomic subfamily belonging to the family Felidae. It includes the following extant genera: Acinonyx, Caracal, Catopuma, Felis, Leopardus, Leptailurus, Lynx, Otocolobus, Pardofelis, Prionailurus, and Puma.

The term feline may also be used as a descriptive word relating to or associated with cats. For instance, the term feline urological syndrome pertains to a common disease of cats where development of urinary calculi produces urethral obstruction in males and cystitis and urethritis in females. Another term, feline viral rhinotracheitis is an acute upper respiratory tract infection of cats caused by the feline rhinotracheitis virus. The term feline acquired immunodeficiency syndrome refers to the acquired defect of cellular immunity that occurs in cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus, for instance. This virus is a lentivirus that infects cats and share common features with human immunodeficiency virus.

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