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1. One who, or that which, gives food or supplies nourishment; steward. A couple of friends, his chaplain and feeder. (Goldsmith)

2. One who furnishes incentives; an encourager. The feeder of my riots.

3. One who eats or feeds; specifically, an animal to be fed or fattened. With eager feeding, food doth choke the feeder. (Shak)

4. One who fattens cattle for slaughter.

5. (Science: physics) a stream that flows into another body of water; a tributary; specifically, a water course which supplies a canal or reservoir by gravitation or natural flow.

6. A branch railroad, stage line, or the like; a side line which increases the business of the main line.

7. (Science: chemical) a small lateral lode falling into the main lode or mineral vein. A strong discharge of gas from a fissure; a blower.

8. (Science: machinery) An auxiliary part of a machine which supplies or leads along the material operated upon.

9. (Science: engineering) a device for supplying steam boilers with water as needed.