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1. Firmly fixed; closely adhering; made firm; not loose, unstable, or easily moved; immovable; as, to make fast the door. There is an order that keeps things fast. (Burke)

2. Firm against attack; fortified by nature or art; impregnable; strong. Outlaws . . . Lurking in woods and fast places. (Spenser)

3. Firm in adherence; steadfast; not easily separated or alienated; faithful; as, a fast friend.

4. Permanent; not liable to fade by exposure to air or by washing; durable; lasting; as, fast colours.

5. Tenacious; retentive. Roses, damask and red, are fast flowers of their smells. (Bacon)

6. Not easily disturbed or broken; deep; sound. All this while in a most fast sleep. (Shak)

7. Moving rapidly; quick in mition; rapid; swift; as, a fast horse.

8. Given to pleasure seeking; disregardful of restraint; reckless; wild; dissipated; dissolute; as, a fast man; a fast liver. Fast and loose, now cohering, now disjoined; inconstant, especially. In the phrases to play at fast and loose, to play fast and loose, to act with giddy or reckless inconstancy or in a tricky manner; to say one thing and do another Play fast and loose with faith. . Fast and loose pulleys, to make secure; to fasten firmly, as a vessel, a rope, or a door.

Origin: oe, firm, strong, not loose, as. Fst; akin to os. Fast, D. Vast, OHG. Fasti, festi, g. Fest, Isel. Fastr, Sw. & dan. Fast, and perh. To E. Fetter. The sense swift comes from the idea of keeping close to what is pursued; a Scandinavian use. Cf. Fast, adv, fast, v, Avast.

1. In a fast, fixed, or firmly established manner; fixedly; firmly; immovably. We will bind thee fast. (Judg. Xv. 13)

2. In a fast or rapid manner; quickly; swiftly; extravagantly; wildly; as, to run fast; to live fast. Fast by, or fast beside, close or near to; near at hand. He, after eve seduced, unminded slunk into the wood fast by. (Milton) Fast by the throne obsequious Fame resides. (Pope)

Origin: oe. Faste firmly, strongly, quickly, as. Faste. See fast.