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Extraterrestrial life

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A form of life that is assumed to exist outside earth or its atmosphere


Extraterrestrial life pertains to a life not originating from the earth. This notion, however, remains a hypothesis to this day since there is no evidence that precisely points out that there is indeed life apart from the earth. It is also referred to as alien life. Several conjectures were formulated as to what they may look like, if they were ever real. And most of them were projected in cinematic, fictional characters, which were mostly based on the basic general body plan of earthly intelligent beings, such as huge eyes, huge brain, etc. that are somewhat similar to intelligent life on earth.

Extraterrestrial life may also pertain to possible existence from bacteria-like to human-like forms from another planet or in space. There was also a hypothetical notion that virus-like entities might also be existing extraterestrially.1

The field of science that studies and research on the possibility of extraterrestrial life is known as astrobiology or exobiology, and the people specializing in this field are referred to as exobiologist or astrobiologist. The instruments used in their research are commonly telescopes and radios.


  • alien life

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