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(Science: procedure) a clyster or injection, a liquid injected or to be injected into the rectum. The most common use is to relieve constipation or clear the colon for medical exams or procedures.

large volume enemas consist one pint to two quarts of warm water, sometimes with a mild soap added. A large volume enema works by expanding the colon, which causes peristalsis, i.e, contractions of the colon. Most individuals will have a bowel movement within 5 to 15 minutes of receiving a large volume enema.

Examples of small volume enemas are fleet phosphate enemas, which work by stimulating the colon and consist of approximately 4 ounces of solution. Mineral oil or vegetable Oil enemas are also given in small volume, usually 4 to 8 ounces. sorbitol is sometimes given rectally as a small volume enema, and is usually effective within 15 minutes, avoiding the gastric problems of oral administration.