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(Science: chemical) (_-)-4-methoxy-n-(2-(2-(1-methyl-2-piperidinyl)ethyl)phenyl)- benzamide. An effective and generally well-tolerated anti-arrhythmia agent for suppressing all forms of ventricular arrhythmia. Paradoxically, however, in myocardial infarct patients with either symptomatic or asymptomatic arrhythmia, encainide exacerbates the arrhythmia and is not recommended for use in these patients. The drug is a potent blocker of sodium channels and produces marked slowing of conduction within the his-purkinje system and myocardium.

Pharmacological action: anti-arrhythmia agents.

chemical name: benzamide, 4-methoxy-N-(2-(2-(1-methyl-2-piperidinyl)ethyl)phenyl)-, (_-)-