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1. To put out of doors; to expel; to discharge; to release; to set at liberty. Eliminate my spirit, give it range through provinces of thought yet unexplored. (Young)

2. (Science: mathematics) to cause to disappear from an equation; as, to eliminate an unknown quantity.

3. To set aside as unimportant in a process of inductive inquiry; to leave out of consideration. Eliminate errors that have been gathering and accumulating. (Lowth)

4. To obtain by separating, as from foreign matters; to deduce; as, to eliminate an idea or a conclusion.

5. (Science: physiology) to separate; to expel from the system; to excrete; as, the kidneys eliminate urea, the lungs carbonic acid; to eliminate poison from the system.

Origin: L. Eliminatus, p. P. Of eliminare; e out _ limen threshold; prob. Akin to limes boundary. See limit.