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Desoxycortone --> deoxycorticosterone

11-Deoxycorticosterone; 21-hydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione;an adrenocortical steroid, principally a biosynthetic precursor of corticosterone and possibly aldosterone, that rarely appears in adrenocortical secretions; a potent mineralocorticoid with no appreciable glucocorticoid activity.

Synonym: 21-hydroxyprogesterone, cortexone, deoxycortone, desoxycortone.

Deoxycorticosterone acetate, desoxycorticosterone acetate;acetate salt used for intramuscular injection for replacement therapy of the adrenocortical steroid.

Deoxycorticosterone pivalate, desoxycorticosterone pivalate;pivalate salt of the steroid.