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a loose end; a dangling shred. Daglocks, clotted locks hanging in dags or jags at a sheep's tail. (Wedgwood)

Origin: oe. Dagge (cf. Dagger); or cf. As. Dag what is dangling.

1. A dagger; a poniard.

2. A large pistol formerly used. The Spaniards discharged their dags, and hurt some. (Foxe) A sort of pistol, called dag, was used about the same time as hand guns and harquebuts. (Grose)

3. (Science: zoology) The unbrunched antler of a young deer.

Origin: cf. F. Dague, LL. Daga, D. Dagge (fr. French); all prob. Fr. Celtic; cf. Gael. Dag a pistol, Armor. Dag dagger, W. Dager, dagr, ir. Daigear. Cf. Dagger.