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noun, plural: crossbreeds

The offspring of two purebred individuals from different varieties or breeds


(1) To produce a hybrid; hybridize

(2) To breed an offspring by mating purebred individuals of different breeds, varieties or species


A crossbreed pertains to an organism that is produced by crossing two purebred parents but come from differing breeds or varieties. A cross between a purebred poodle and a purebred retrieving breed would result in an offspring referred to as a crossbreed. This has become popular due to the resulting hybrid vigor with the dog still looking attractive. A crossbreed is different from a purebred in a sense that the latter would come from two purebred parents of the same breed. This means a purebred would be the offspring of two purebred poodles or of two purebred retrievers.

The term crossbreed may also be used as a verb and mean to produce a hybrid or to produce a breed by mating two purebred individuals from different breeds or varieties. The process is referred to as crossbreeding. It is done usually with the intention that the offspring would acquire the desirable traits from both parents.


  • cross-breed

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