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(1) A crossbreed

(2) A hybrid


(1) Pertains to progeny produced by crossbreeding or by hybridization

(2) Refers to an animal produced by breeding purebred parents of two different breeds, varieties, or population


In general use, the term crossbred is more often used to refer to progenies of animal breeding whereas the term hybrid is more often used to refer to offspring from plant breeding. In another sense, a crossbred is used when referring to a hybrid resulting from a planned cross between parents with desirable traits. A mongrel, which is a mixed-breed of unknown origin, often has less desirable traits compared with crossbred.

In animal breeding, a cross between two purebred parents but from different breeds would result to offspring described as or referred to as a crossbred. The term is used in contrast to the offspring of two purebred individuals of the same breed. An example of a crossbred is the progeny of a purebred poodle and a purebred retriever. The selective mating of the two dog purebreds from different breeds by breeders is not uncommon. This is done mainly with the intention of producing a crossbred that would acquire desirable features from its parents.


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