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Cover-uncover test

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Cover-uncover test

a test to detect strabismus; the patients attention is directed to a small fixation object, one eye is covered and after a few seconds, uncovered; if the uncovered eye moves to see the picture, strabismus is present.

"in fact the cover uncover test could be used to detect PHORIA if no apparent strabismus is found....when u cover one eye and then uncover it... you will see this eye that was under the cover to move from any postion that it took after covering to fixation position.

besides, the cover uncover test described above is really the cover test.,,,because the cover uncover test has 2 components...the cover which means covering the apparently looking normal eye and then noticing how the apparently deviating eye behave....if it moves to take completely the fixation position of fixation or no...then the second component is the uncover step where you uncover the cover that was put on the sound eye and in this time you notice how both eye the result may be:

  1. uniocular deviation either with or without excentric fixation ..or
  2. alternating deviation..."

quoted from dr Mohsen Badawy (professor of eye surgery, egypt, Suez canal University)