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Checkpoint kinase 2

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A cell cycle checkpoint control that is involved in abrogation to sensitizecancer cells to DNA damage due to the expected induction of mitotic catastrophe.


Checkpoint kinase 2 is regulator and tumor suppressor that contains forkhead- associated protein necessary for activation in response to DNA damage which is quickly phosphorylated to blocks DNA breakage. It is mapped to chromosome 22q12.1 and stabilizes the p53 tumor suppressor protein that is important to cell cycle arrest in G1. It is modified by phosphorylation and activated by ionizing radiation followed by the gamma radiation then phosphorylated to PML on Ser117 causing dissociation of the 2 proteins. It is a member of CDS1 subfamily of serine/threonine protein kinase.

When checkpoint kinase 2 is activated, encoded proteins admit to inhibit CDC25C phosphatase preventing entry into mitosis. This protein interacts with phosphorylates BRCA1 to restore survival after DNA damage.

Checkpoint kinase 2 gene mutation is associated with Li- Fraumeni syndrome, a highly domestic cancer phenotype usually linked with hereditary mutations of TP53 and confer the tendency of sarcomas, breast cancer and brain tumors.

Gene name: CHEK2

Protein name: Serine/threonine-protein kinase Chk2


CHK2 checkpoint homolog

Cds1 homolog



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