Cape gooseberry

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(1) An angiosperm species belonging to the Physalis (genus) of Solanaceae (family). Its distinctive features include yellow flowers with purple centers, papery, bladder-like calyx, and bright golden brown berries.

(2) The fruit of this plant, which is a juicy berry surrounded by the papery calyx resembling a Chinese lantern.


The cultivation of this plant dates back in the 1800s in South Africa, particularly in the region of the Cape of Good Hope, hence its name. Its fruits are rich in vitamin C and A, and are used in making pies, jams, and as an exotic garnish for deserts.

Scientific name: Physalis peruviana

Other common names:

  • golden berry
  • ground cherry
  • physalis
  • poha
  • Peruvian cherry
  • haranksh
  • uchuva
  • Inca berry
  • uvilla
  • capuli
  • sfivalis