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noun, plural: calretinins

A calcium bindingproteins that abundantly expressed in central and peripheral nervous system which involved in calcium signaling.


Calretinin is also identified as 29 kDa calbindin that is encoded by the CALB2 gene and belongs to the family of EF-hand proteins in which S-100 proteins also belongs. Aside from nervous system it is also found in the mesothelial cells, adrenal cortical cells, testicular Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, breast glands, eccrine sweat glands, fat cells, endometrial stromal cells, thymic epithelial cells and hair follicular cells.

Calretinin plays significant role in various cellular functions such as message targeting, buffering intracellular calcium and modulator of neuronal excitability. It is also important in the survival of nerve cells during disturbance of calciumhomeostasis.

Calretinins are constructive marker for distinguishing malignantmesothelioma from carcinomas. It also serves as diagnostic marker in human diseases including theHirsch-sprung disease andcancers especially relevant on the diagnosis of ovarian stromal tumours. Other tumours found to be positive for calretinin are sex cord-stromal tumours, adenomatoid tumour, Wolffian adnexal tumour, mesonephriccervical adenocarcinoma, ameloblastoma and synovial sarcoma.

Gene name: CALB2

Protein name: Calretinin (CR)


29 kDa calbindin

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