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Cadherin 1

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A protein involved in providing instructions of epithelial cadherin found within the membrane that surrounds epithelial cells to facilitate cell adhesion to form organized tissues.


Cadherin 1 is mapped on chromosome 16q22.1 containing 16 exons involved in transmitting chemical signals within cells, controlling cell movement and maturation as well as regulating the activity of particular genes. It serves as atumor suppressor protein to avoid cells from mounting and dividing too hastily in an uncontrolled way.

Cadherin 1 is present in non-neural epithelial tissues and high concentrations in solid tissues that localized in cell junction anchored to actin microfilaments via association with alpha catenin, gamma catenin and beta catenin which induced by calcium influx resulted in translocation from sites of cell-cell contact to cytoplasm.

Cadherin 1 gene mutation is implicated in sporadic diffuse gastric cancer. In acquired mutation occur commonly in lobular breast cancer without hereditary history of the disease wherein genetic changes happens within the gene itself while others turn off the region in close proximity DNA that controls gene action. In absence of this protein may lead cancer cell to make it easier to detach from a primary tumor and metastasize to other parts of the body.

Gene name: CDH1

Protein name: Cadherin-1







CAM 120/80



Epithelial cadherin

Liver cell adhesion molecule

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