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Brucella ceti

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A gram-negative non-motile aerobic bacterium involved in brucellosis infection of marine mammals particularly dolphins.


Brucella ceti is catalase positive and do not produce acid from carbohydrates. It is extremely vulnerable to any harsh conditions in open environments yet it is able to survive for long period outside host, thus high varying dilutions in the ocean might hinder transmission due to low infecting doses.

Brucella ceti is the primary agent that causes infections and other diseases of cetaceans and demonstrated as a chronic disease in dolphins that displays pathological and significant clinical sign associated to abortions, neurobrucellosis, cardiopathies, bone lesions, male infertility and death.

Brucella ceti isolated from the aborted fetus of a dolphin and it is transmitted through sexual intercourse, aborted fetuses, maternal feeding, placental tissues and vertical transmission via helminthes or fish reservoirs. It shows different virulence in land animals but has low infectivity to humans.

Scientific classification:

 Kingdom: Bacteria
 Phylum: Proteobacteria
 Class: Alpha Proteobacteria
 Order: Rhizobiales
 Family: Brucellaceae
 Genus: Brucella
 Species: Brucella ceti

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