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Breeze fly

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Breeze fly

(Science: zoology) a fly of various species, of the family tabanidae, noted for buzzing about animals, and tormenting them by sucking their blood; called also horsefly, and gadfly. They are among the largest of two-winged or dipterous insects. The name is also given to different species of botflies.

alternative forms: breese and brize.

Origin: oe. Brese, as. Briosa; perh. Akin to OHG. Brimissa, g. Breme, bremse, D. Brems, which are akin to g. Brummen to growl, buzz, grumble, L. Fremere to murmur; cf. G. Brausen, Sw. Brusa, dan. Bruse, to roar, rush.