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Origin: Skr. Brahmana (cf. Brahman worship, holiness; the god brahma, also Brahman): cf. F. Brahmane, Brachmane, Bramine, L. Brachmanae, -manes, -mani, pl, gr.

1. A learned person of refined taste and mild manners. 2. Scholar, teacher, priest, intellectual, researcher, scientist, knowledge-seeker or knowledge-worker. 3. A Hindu priestly caste; one of the four varnas or social groups based on occupation in ancient Hindu society. 4. One who has realized or attemps to realize 'Brahm' or 'Brahman' i.e. God or supreme knowledge.

(Science: zoology) Brahman bull, the male of a variety of the zebu, or indian ox, considered sacred by the Hindoos.