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1. A concave vessel of various forms (often approximately hemisherical), to hold liquids, etc. Brought them food in bowls of basswood. (Longfellow)

2. Specifically, a drinking vessel for wine or other spirituous liquors; hence, convival drinking.

3. The contents of a full bowl; what a bowl will hold.

4. The bollow part of a thing; as, the bowl of a spoon.

Origin: oe. Bolle, as. Bolla; akin to Icel. Bolli, dan. Bolle, g. Bolle, and perh. To E. Boil a tumour. Cf. Boll.

1. A ball of wood or other material used for rolling on a level surface in play; a ball of hard wood having one side heavier than the other, so as to give it a bias when rolled.

2. An ancient game, popular in Great Britain, played with biased balls on a level plat of greensward. Like an uninstructed bowler, . . . Who thinks to attain the jack by delivering his bowl straightforward upon it. (Sir W. Scott)

3. The game of tenpins or bowling.

Origin: f. Boule, fr. L. Bulla bubble, stud. Cf. Bull an edict, Bill a writing.