Borgognoni teodorico

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Borgognoni, Teodorico

(Science: person) friar Theodoric of Lucca was a Dominican monk, bishop of Cervia, and physician to pope innocent iv, who taught that suppuration was not necessary for wound healing.

Instead of leaving a fresh wound open, Theodoric closed it with sutures, thus avoiding purulency. He was criticised sternly by Guy de Chauliac as a copyist and plagiarist probably because he did not adhere to Galen's teachings.

Theodoric wrote: For it is not necessary that pus be generated in wounds -- no error can be greater than this. He also used an anesthetic concoction for his surgical patients, composed of a mixture of opium, hyoscyamus, mulberry juice, lettuce, hemlock, mandrake and ivy. It was used both as an inhalent and a drink.

Lived: 1205-1296.