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Bordetella petrii

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A gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacterium thrived mostly in various habitats and involved in some infections in human.


Bordetella petrii is normally found in polluted soil, marine sponges, river sediment and grass roots that contain a mobile genetic elements coding for proteins associated to virulence factors and it is distinct from other Bordetella because it lacks toxins that the rest of the Bordetella species produces.

Bordetella petrii can also be isolated from humans including infected ears, blood samples and wounds but the reservoir and its pathogenicity still remain unknown. It has the capability of independent existence as facultative environmental anaerobe which has the ability to grow in the absence of oxygen and survive in harsh environmental conditions.

Bordetella petrii is implicated in chronic pulmonary obstructive disease that has been previously diagnosed with Bordetella bronchisepta manifested with severe cough with purulent sputum.

Scientific classification:

 Kingdom: Bacteria
 Phylum: Proteobacteria
 Class: Beta Proteobacteria
 Order: Burkholderiales
 Family: Alcaligenaceae
 Genus: Bordetella
 Species: Bordetella petrii

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