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a hog, especially. A male hog castrated.

Origin: oe. Barow, bargh, as. Bearg, bearh; akin to Icel. Borgr, OHG. Barh, barug, g. Barch. 95.

1. A large mound of earth or stones over the remains of the dead; a tumulus.

2. (Science: chemical) a heap of rubbish, attle, etc.

Origin: oe. Bergh, as. Beorg, beorh, hill, sepulchral mound; akin to g. Berg mountain, goth. Bairgahei hill, hilly country, and perh. To Skr. Bhant high, OIr. Brigh mountain. Cf. Berg, berry a mound, and Borough an incorporated town.