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One who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes.

in England an apothecary is one of a privileged class of practitioners a kind of sub-physician. The surgeon apothecary is the ordinary family medical attendant. One who sells drugs and makes up prescriptions is now commonly called in England a druggist or a pharmaceutical chemist. Apothecaries weight, the system of weights by which medical prescriptions were formerly compounded. The pound and ounce are the same as in troy weight; they differ only in the manner of subdivision. The ounce is divided into 8 drams, 24 scruples, 480 grains. See troy weight.

Origin: oe. Apotecarie, fr. LL. Apothecarius, fr. L. Apotheca storehouse, gr. Apo, fr. To put away; from _ to put: cf. F. Apothicaire, OF. Apotecaire.