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Allograft inflammatory factor 1

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A cytoplasmic protein which serves as a modulator of immune response during macrophage activations that has a vital function in host response toinflammatory stimuli and host immune defense.


Allograft inflammatory factor 1 is a putative obesity gene that is associated in white adipose tissue in relation to obesity and metabolic phenotypes. It is a novel adipokine produced chiefly by macrophage within white adipose tissue that function inparacrine through cross-talk between macrophage and other cell types inside the adipose tissue.

Allograft inflammatory factor 1 is a protein that partakes in inflammatory response and regulates the function of macrophage where it stimulates the release of inflammatory cytokines that is said to be an intra-cellular calcium binding protein and a secreted factor linked to the presence of different variants. It is stimulated by cytokine and interferon which implicated in negative regulation growth of the vascular smooth muscle cells that contributes to anti-inflammatory response to vessel wall trauma. It is also determined to network with actin that co-localized with F-actin yet translocated to lamellipodia upon stimulation of PDGF.

Allograft Inflammatory Factor 1 in healthy human has been established positively in metabolic indicators like triglycerides, body mass index and fasting plasma glucose levels that shows an exacts sign of macrophage activation in the body thereby associated with diabetes in which activated macrophage in the pancreatic islets revealed to increase insulin secretion at the same time impairing glucose elimination.

Gene name: AIF1

Protein name: Allograft inflammatory factor 1(AIF-1)


Ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule 1

Protein G1



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