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Actinomyces bovis

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A gram-positive bacterium associated with actinomycosis infection in cattle.


Actinomyces bovis is normally present in the oral cavity of cattle where it able to enter into the tissues following to the mucosal trauma from rough feed or tooth eruption which causes granulomatous inflammation of the bone and soft tissues leading to a lumpy jaw as well as able to invade the mandible to cause osteomyelitis and might expand to the surrounding muscles.

Actinomyces bovis start as a painless swelling of lesion in the affected bone in which become painful and broaden having fistulous tracts that discharge pus. It is also isolated in yellow sulphur granules with a club colony formation.

Actinomyces bovis life cycle start from spore that germinates to produce haploid generation from which diploid generation arises via conjugation of two haploid cells which in turn produce by reduction division in which the fusion of two haploid cells is analogous during microcyst formation.

Scientific classification:

 Domain: Bacteria
 Phylum: Actinobacteria
 Class: Actinobacteria
 Order: Actinomycetales
 Family: Actinomycetaceae
 Genus: Actinomyces
 Species: Actinomyces bovis

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