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Actinobacillus seminis

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A gram-negative bacterium inhabits in the genital tracts that leads to an ovine epididymitis and orchitis.


Actinobacillus seminis has a mode of infections that ascend from the preputial cavity which in turn colonizes the genital tract causing infections, thus stress induced hormone changes and nutritional deficiencies caused the development of orchitis and epididymitis particularly in young sheep.

Actinobacillus seminis is frequently isolated from the lesions that produces clinical signs and reproductive discrepancies in ram wherein transmission implicit through direct contact between mucous membrane from all orifices during pre-mating period owing to boost up homosexual activity in which ewe considered as the intermediate carriers upholding ewe to lamb transmission.

Actinobacillus seminis is implicated in the epididymitis of sheep which lead to economic loses as it reduces and interferes with the fertility of infected ram. It also affect goats manifested with clinical signs of unilateral orchitis and epididymitis leading to infertility.

Scientific classification:

 Kingdom: Bacteria
 Phylum: Proteobacteria 
 Class: Gammaproteobacteria
 Order: Pasteurellales
 Family: Pasteurellaceae
 Genus: Actinobacillus
 Species: Actinobacillus seminis

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