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Acinetobacter junii

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A gram-negative opportunistic bacterium involved in various human infections including septicemia, meningitis, ocular infection and catheter mediated infections.


Acinetobacter junii is associated with nosocomial pathogens including pediatric oncologic individual and bacteremia in preterm infants. It has been recorded a rare cause of septicemia in neonates as well as in community acquired infection.

Acinetobacter junii has been isolated from aerators of water faucets contaminated from an outbreak of this bacterium which is found ubiquitously in nature thus, no common source of infection might be defined.

Acinetobacter junii is implicated in catheter mediated infections as a portal entry mostly in oncologic adult patients. It is also associated in rare cases of meningitis, ocular infection, peritonitis and septicemia.

Scientific classification:

 Kingdom: Bacteria
 Phylum: Proteobacteria
 Class: Gammaproteobacteria
 Order: Pseudomonadales
 Family: Moraxellaceae	
 Genus: Acinetobacter
 Species: Acinetobacter junii 

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