A collection of books on Biophysics, an interdisciplinary field of science that applies physical principles and methods to study biological processes

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Biophysics by R. Glaser
Biophysics - the science of physical principles of life itself, of biological systems - is presented here not merely as physics for biologists, but as an entirely independent subject with its own innate network of ideas and approaches.

Date: 7 Dec 2006, Rating: 3.5

Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists by E.B. Podgorsak
This book summarizes the radiation physics knowledge that professionals working in medical physics need to master for efficient and safe dealings with ionizing radiation.

Date: 7 Dec 2006, Rating: Not rated

Mechanics of the Cell by D. Boal
Biological physics, the application of physics to provide an understanding of biological phenomenas, is a burgeoning, new inter-disciplinary subject.

Date: 3 Nov 2006, Rating: Not rated

Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology by R.K. Hobbie
This text bridges the gap between introductory physics and its application to the life sciences.

Date: 3 Nov 2006, Rating: 1.0

Radiation Biophysics (2nd Ed) by E.L. Alpen
This newly revised and updated edition of Radiation Biophysics provides an in-depth description of the physics and chemistry of radiation and its effects on biological systems.

Date: 17 Nov 2006, Rating: Not rated

Biological Physics: Energy, Information, Life by P. Nelson
The first text of its kind, Biological Physics synthesizes information from the developing field of biological physics.

Date: 3 Nov 2006, Rating: 3.5