Inorganic Chemistry

Books on Inorganic Chemistry, the branch of chemistry that deals with inorganic compounds  

Inorganic Chemistry

The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus
Tells the surprising history of phosphorus, an element which was discovered by alchemists, prescribed by apothecaries, exploited by industrialists and abused by 20th-century combatants.

Date: 24 May 2007, Rating: 3.0

Inorganic Chemistry
A brief, reader-friendly survey of inorganic chemistry.

Date: 24 May 2007, Rating: 3.2

A Guide to the Elements (Oxford)
Newly updated with the stunning discovery of two new elements, A Guide to the Elements, 2nd Edition is still the easy- to-read, easy-to- understand resource to the periodic table that students and teachers of the physical sciences expect.

Date: 24 May 2007, Rating: 1.0

The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance
The periodic table is one of the most potent icons in science.

Date: 24 May 2007, Rating: 4.5

Oxygen: The Molecule that Made the World
If water is the cradle of life, then oxygen is its engine.

Date: 24 May 2007, Rating: 3.5