Does short time MTT assay indicate the mitochondrial activit

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Does short time MTT assay indicate the mitochondrial activit

Post by biologyny » Sun Feb 11, 2007 4:46 pm

I have a question regarding MTT assay!

Typically we use MTT assay in 12,24,36, measure the activity of cells after treatment of drugs.
But long hours exposure to drugs can influence the cell number in medium, cell numbers would change dramatically between control and test groups.So I think the long time of MTT assay can not show the drop of activity clearly and accurately.

I have the idea that if in 2 hours treatment, relatively short time, there is no cell death and no loss of cells. Then we can use MTT assay to measure the activity of cells in the same amount between control and tested groups. The only difference is the activity of their mitochondria.

What do you think? Any one has such an experience? Or if some one can give me references about this question, I appreciate it!

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