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Cancer topics

Post by livingthedream » Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:24 pm

Though there seems to be some interest in cancer as a subject, anyone wanting to learn about squamous cell from a patients point of view, ask away. My cancer was a IV-A Squamous Cell of unknown origin with tumors in and around the carotid space and there were some matted lymph nodes in my lower neck below the tumor area.

For those of you working toward being doctors or nurses, I am not as educated as you are in these things, but would ask one humble favor of all of you. Take the time to listen and then explain, or explain and listen. Important thing is to listen. So many people who treat cancer thankfully have never had it, but that also means that you cannot live and feel the experience of the disease, the treatment and the outcomes. You and the patient are a team that need to trust each other and listen to each others ideas, forming a better outcome for both.


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