The adaptations of a human being in case of shrinking

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The adaptations of a human being in case of shrinking

Post by enrique » Thu May 12, 2005 3:27 am

Hi! I have I want ask? I just wondering if anyone can help me? OK, I doing report on Alice in

Alice was shrink 1/100 of her size and venture down the rabbit hole underground, she a warm blooded human being.

Ok the qustion is what physiological adaptations would be needed to allow her to continually function normally uninterruptedso that she can run, and romp around with all of her new friends and activitties? does her breathing, tissue, lung, capillari tissue?

I did some research and found some answer but not if it correct? I figure everything in her body got to change, like her heart got to pump faster so she get more PO2 or oxygen to her lung, not only that since she went underground don't she have be a lift shifted curve to get more oxygen into her hemoglobin? I'm pretty confuse can anyone shed some light ?

I really appreciated if you can help me

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Post by mith » Thu May 12, 2005 4:49 am

Please read forum rule #4 and edit your post accordingly.

I've seen this situation in an episode of star trek where the crew shinks. The only problem is the oxygen molecules would be too big to fit into the hemoglobin. So alice would....die.
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