6 DNA questions in various matters..Can you answer?

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6 DNA questions in various matters..Can you answer?

Post by Imemine » Wed May 11, 2005 12:53 pm

Here are several questions and matters that generally revolve around the DNA.
I'd be glad to know and understand the answers to these questions as fast as possible:

1)A. You've got a picture of a cell thats' in the divison stage, in which you see 19 doubled chromosmes (bulit from sister chromatids). In what divison stage is this cell found in, and why? (prophase of the mitosis, telophase II of the miosis, prophase of the miosis, anaphase of the mitosis or prophase II of the miosis).
B. If the DNA quantity in the previous section is X, what is the DNA quantity in each of the 5 stages (written in the brackets)?

2)Investigators raised germs in a liquid environment. After few raising circles, they have moved the germs to a raising environment that contains the izotope of heavy Nitrogen -N15, that combines with the nidrogenic bases found in the nucleutids in the cell, making it possible for the germs to have 3 more doubling-cycles.

A How to draw the DNA molecules, heavy and light, in the doubling process of a germ, and include the proption between the heavy-weight molecules in every doubling-cycle.
B A sprouting cell, which is in the end of the G1 stage, was moved to a raising environment containing heavy nitrogen izotope. How to draw the dna molecules, heavy and light, of a pair of homologic chromosomes in the dobling-process?

3) A The insulin hormone in the human being is a small protein, that contains 51 amino acids. WHat's the length of the encoding DNA part for it?
B What's the length of the RNA messanger of the insulin's gene, given that the gene contains 30% Guanine?
C How can germs still produce the insulin protein?

4) The transcriotion is uaually criticized by a protein that connects to a DNA, that's upper relatively to the gene, and not by a change in the RNA's polymrage. Suggest why's that so?

5)In germs there is a buliding track of compound A from materials found in the cell. When you raise germs in a mazeto base, that does not conain compound A, a very big amount of enzymes o the compund A buliding track are created in the cells of the germs. And when you add compund A to the raising-environment, the eznymes amount gets much smaller. Draw a scheme of the apparent structure of the OPERON of compund A and explain it.

And for the last one...

6) A In germs that were raused in a laboratory a mutation was found, that came to expression in producing an INACTIVE PROTEIN. When the amino acids in the mutant protein were compared to those in the active protein, t was found that the amino acid of TYROZINE whichi s in the edge of the amino acids in the active protein, isn't found in the INACTIVE one. What mutation has happened in those germs? Explain it, basing on the genetic code table!
B Here are 2 peptides, translated from the same gene, but from 2 different types of germs - the peptide in breed 1 is alright, while the peptide in the snd is a result of a single mutation. Write the 2 RNA transcriptions of the peptides, and please expalin what kind of mutatuon caused the difference!
The peptides are:
1) aspergin - triptopane - tyrozine - glitzine - arginine.
2) glotmat - levizyne - levizyne - glitzine - atginine. (Might be some errors in the spelling).

*Good luck, and please answer these questions in the next 24 hours! :cry: :idea:

*Please send you drawings to [email protected]

*I really need these answers due to Thursday night, so please do your best.
Enjoy and good luck :wink:

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Post by mith » Wed May 11, 2005 8:31 pm

I like how you worded it as if you were assigning this for us.
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Post by zami'87. » Wed May 11, 2005 9:36 pm

mithrilhack wrote:I like how you worded it as if you were assigning this for us.

Yeah that's the way mithrilhack.... :D :D :D !!! 8)

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Post by Imemine » Thu May 12, 2005 9:39 am

Lol, I know...But can youp lease aid me in this assignment?
It's the last and most important one I have to make, and these are 5 questions lthat were left to me after I did 35.
I'd really appreciate your help in this assignment, so can you help me in these 6 questions?

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