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King Cobra
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Post by James » Mon Jul 04, 2005 12:00 pm

Aww come on Mithril, it's a stop codon; and it's a good sig Andrew

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Inland Taipan
Inland Taipan
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Post by mith » Mon Jul 04, 2005 5:22 pm

Boy, don't I feel dumb :?
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Inland Taipan
Inland Taipan
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Post by MrMistery » Mon Jul 04, 2005 8:28 pm

LrdGeno wrote:you know what makes me feel like a total slacker, is that you're probally a highschool student! So you show off man, 'cause that's awesome

You can relax, if you don't know this you are not a total slacker. This is college level human anatomy, it is learned in the 2nd or third year of college in my country, i'm not exactly sure. This goes waaaaaaay beyond your average high-school book
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Death Adder
Death Adder
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Post by LrdGeno » Wed Jul 06, 2005 10:34 pm

haha, i'm in college. Granted it's the end of my first year, and all I'm taking are pretty much entery level classes.
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