Beetroot, pigment and temperature.

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Beetroot, pigment and temperature.

Post by michal » Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:22 pm

Hi everybody, I am doing the plan for AS coursework.
Im going to investigate the effect of temperature on the release of the pigment in a beetroot.

I basically know, what I am going to do. Cut the beetroot thinly to increase surface area and so on but, what temperatures do i choose? I set up with 20,30,40,50 and 60. Do you think they'll be all right? Or should i choose a smaller/wider range?

Also, my teacher suggested that I should let the temperature to damage the cells for about 8 minutes, but she also added, im going to need to add some time for the pigment to leak out. How much and why that much? :? Currently Ive set it to be 45 minutes, but with no scientific reason. -Did some research, the why is very simple - the pigment has to be allowed some time to diffuse, not too long though

Moreover: once ill take out the tubes with beetroots from waterbaths, how do I stop the damage from continuing? (I mean, once the water in a tube is about 80 deg. Celsius, the damage is going to take place after taking the tubes out of water baths => it stops being a fair test). One way is to cool the tubes under running tap water, just to minimalise the error. Any clues?

Thanks in advance


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