My Experience of Success With NutraSilver

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marlene greger
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My Experience of Success With NutraSilver

Post by marlene greger » Mon Nov 06, 2006 10:54 pm

Dear Morgellon Sufferers,

I have had Morgellons for over 25 years. I have been having remarkable success with NutraSilver. You must take it internally and NOT put it on topically to get results.

I started out with 20 drops in distilled water 3 times a day. I had much purging, even out of my eyes!! The next 3 weeks I increased the drops to 30 drops three times a day. Now in my fourth week I am seeing the purging slowing down and the lesions healing. The small white blobs under my skin around my mouth are going away and the lesions in my nose are gone.

I use an Acarid Removing Cream Cleanser from the Jamu Shop on my skin and I do not wash it off. This cleanser turns the purging parasites into white mush that can be easily extracted. The cleanser can be used around the eyes and inside the nose as well. It take 2 weeks to get it.

To boost my immune system, stop joint pain, fight insomia, and to regain hair loss due to Morgellons, I have had great success with far-infrared. I go to the Migun company by my house and use their far-infrared massage beds. Try it it works!!

Aloe vera lotion that I buy at Walgreens ( their brand) works well also to turn the purging parasites ( due to the NutraSilver) into mush.

Hope this helps,
Marlene Greger
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Post by canalon » Mon Nov 06, 2006 10:57 pm

Keep the morgellons in the right thread.

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