morgellons disease

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morgellons disease

Post by justice blackwood » Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:07 am

is there anyone out there who is willing to do and has knowledge of doing
a lab tests for the chemicals in a pharmaceutical fda prescription cream.
from research each chemical has a cas # identifier, kobo pigments used in this cream should be able to be identified, the hydrogenated lecithin,
acyl collagen, titanates, flourescent coloured kobo pigments, titanium
when bombarden with deutrons becoming highly radio active and it
was used in this product, photons, chemo therapy agents and ragio active agents, lightwaves and electro static silicones and 5 point crown butadienyl. cyclohexen hexatrienyl polyethelene used in making nylon
and chair configuration, half chair, boat and twisted boat configurations)
used in partitioning membranes with probes attached to signal cell changes, benzoic acid, dimethyl, accutane, isotretinoin, trentioin,
ttnpb, the most toxic retinoid, etrinate, etretin, propylene, phptosensitising agents, tetrahydro (dartk sticky part of cannabais
photonsquatom pf electromagnetic fields, herbicides and pesticides,
and carboxylic acids, and toulene and so many toxic chemicals all in three
patents 4877805 4603146 4423041. could all of these chemicals combined
create translucent organisms using gel electtrophoresis and metal ligands,
that these chemicals through research shows they create and micelles
wormlike cones, spherical and rods geometric shapes that self asemble as
do lipids that were used in this cream? he used hydrogel and coppers and metal-flourescent metal oxides and iron oxides,. in research on prof albert kligman who created non detecting mind altering drugs, and gases
and mesh that could open up capillaries and travel through the pores of skin. they used peptides and they have nasal peptide delivery agents.
i came across these patents when looking up nano needles and his name,
it came up interference on 102638 on patent 4877805 by the patent board,
and i looked up this patent to find all of these chemicals were used in this
cream and non of them were listed on the prescription label or patient insert. how could a product be sold with so many toxic chemicals and polymorphisms from the crystal self assembly structures that this chemicals cause and the crystal neeldles it ejects when emissions are
set off? if he was banned by us army and fda how did this product get approved. did he create something to get even with the fda and us army for banning him. a company called abstract polymers was also involved with this patent and their stock skyrocketed when it was approved. they manufacture polymer chips and and plastics and these chemicals are used in polymerization of plastic and polyesters, they used nano spinnerttes taken from spiders. ls there someone brave enough out there
to do tests that would prove what the chemicals in these patents create and did he put microorganisms in this cream. the nano pigments and particles are obviously mutating and multiplying through oxidation. photos
show these flourescent translucent gel like objects creature that have a dark thread going though tem that branch out. silica has optic fibers and
they branch out they also have micro oganisms that attached to the bio genome silicas and they chain link, benzene causes the aromiatic ring
and the chain opens and shuts. research every chemical in the patents and it is unbelievable that this product was allowed to be marketed as
a anti wrinkle cream and the internet websites show. anyone who could
prove what they did i would be forever in your debt. accutane and all chemicals cause used in this cause blurred vision, neuro peripheal damage, brain fog, rashes, itching, burning and biting sensations as
ligands have claws and dig into to skin to connect head groups and tails,
research on your own and you will find all of these terminologies and reactions that are lethal, they care limb swellings and fibers as when ligands and micelles and head groups and tails spin they are polymerizating fibers and plastic film. this man created crystalized gel insects. look up his experiments with bombyx mori moths and how their antennas effect the olfactory system and periheal system, look up austrailian kissing bugs and what is used in medical profession as kiss and pull technique used in inserting balloons into arteries, look up his experiments with bacteria and silica. please anyone who can help we would all be greatful. it is amazing that dermatologist state delusional paratosis and do no biopisies or tests and they are the ones who advertise this cream and dispense it, what are they covering up and why?
through research the us army wanted to create a super spider that spins
tensile teflon steel tough silk, we know they can alter genes and are doing
cell stem experiments, and we know they created nano technique so the eyes can't see it and if this structure is spinning so rapidly the eyes won't see when you look at someone infected but a prof photographyer stated look at negatives of a patient on a film projector and it will show what covers them. putting someone on tv makes them look delusional because the camera isn't catching the organism in a still frame. maybe freeze the video and it might show it anything and any idea is worth trying since osu and mrf isn't even responding or out in the meda anymore. a nurse did tell me that the ny times issued on 10/04/06 that
the cdc has officially acknowledge there is a fiber disease or morgellons and is officially investigatong i haven't been able to find the article yet.
anyone who can help please respond time is of the essence.

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Post by canalon » Sat Nov 04, 2006 4:10 am

First, post about the morgellon disaese stay in the Fiber disaese thread. Thanks. This is the limit we posed on this forum and we will stick to it.

Second, beside letters and numbers on your keyboard there are plenty of others signs. Some of them are called punctuation and make the reading of a sentence way easier than what you use. I am sure your audience would appreciate this effort in the future for all your posts.

I won't comment on the content of your post, too much like everything else posted in the fiber disease thread. Nuf' said.

Post locked.

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