New Transfection Technology (high efficiency)

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New Transfection Technology (high efficiency)

Post by LorenzoTo » Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:22 am

Dear researchers, Students, Professors,

I am a Ph.D. student in Management Engineering at Padova University
(Italy). As part of my Ph.D. thesis I am studying assessment methods for
the market potential of a new cell transfection technology with high efficiency:
• transfecting one or more cells adherent to a substratum
• addressing each single cell easily without using Microinjection Micromanipulator
• transfecting easily and efficiently just some single cells of a culture
• transfecting each single cell more than once with different molecoules in various times
• transfecting single cells with different molecules within the same culture

Based on a literature survey I did in last months, I thought that this
technology can be interesting for your research. By using your answers and similar from other experts in the
field, I am trying to understand and quantify the importance of this
technology for your scientific sector.

If you wish to collaborate to this research, please, ask and fill the
questionnaire, and either:
* send in electronic format at this e-mail address:

In case you don't use transfection technology, please let me know by

writing me an e-mail at the aforesaid address:

Note: Also, should you like to know the result of my study, just let me know
your interest by email. It will be my pleasure to give you a feedback as
soon as results will be available.

Note: In case you know some researcher or some company taht use transfection, would be a great help for me that you give them my questionnaire.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks!
Best regards,

Lorenzo Toninelli

(Ph.D in Management Engeneering, Unversity of Padova)

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